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Cedar STEM: More Than Numbers

More Than Numbers



Recommended Age: 3+ years old (grouped by ability)​

Format: Private / Small Group 

Frequency: 1 - 2 times / week 

Available at Cedar Campus / Cedar@Home

Please contact Cedar for schedule and availability.


  • Our More Than Numbers course focuses on numerical proficiency, reasoning and problem solving through games, mathematical stories, and exercises. 

  • Programme taught by Cedar faculty and developed by past award-winner of mathematics and science olympiad competitions.  

  • Concepts covered include: 

    • Counting 

    • Addition

    • Multiplication

    • Subtraction

    • Division

    • Factors and Multiples 

    • Decimals 

    • Measurements and Data

    • Geometry

    • Fractions

    • Time

    • Algebraic Thinking

    • Ratio, Rates and Percentage

    • Equations and Inequalities

    • Expressions 

    • Understanding Data

    • Presenting Data

  • All classes will be taught in small groups (2-5 students; a minimum of 2 students is needed to open a class)

  • Primary medium of instruction: English

  • A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon the completion of each level. 

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