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About Cedar Education Group

Cedar Education Group (CEG) is a leading early childhood education service and solutions provider in Hong Kong. Our programmes are structured based on our proprietary Cedar Holistic Education Curriculum (CHEC) - a comprehensive research-based learning framework specifically developed with young children in mind, which integrates performing arts, the humanities, STEM, and character development. 

Cedar Education Solutions (CES) provide education solutions to individuals and institutions such as kindergarten. CES works closely with our clients to understand their objectives, design customised programmes, develop age-appropriate and level-appropriate content and assessment activities.


Cedar Academy provides on-site early childhood development programmes based on Cedar Education Group's Cedar Holistic Education Curriculum.

Cedar Institute for Performing Arts (CIPA) is committed to nurturing musicianship, inspiring musicality, cultivating musical knowledge, training performance skills, and building positive character in future generations of artistic talent from beginners to emerging artists - through our proprietary holistic curriculum and by offering high quality learning resources and exceptional opportunities. 

Radec Productions is a highly sought-after curator of music and arts events with a strong track record. Radec productions work with some of the best music professionals in Hong Kong to create and offer exclusive musical experience for corporate and private clients. From classical duets, elegant jazz and bossa trios, passionate tango and folk quartets, cool pop and funk groups, to orchestral groups, RADEC Productions customise solutions to address clients' needs. Past events include corporate events, festivals, exhibitions, private functions, celebration parties, birthdays, and weddings. 

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