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Our Beliefs

At Cedar Education Group (“Cedar”), we believe in discovering and embracing the beauty, uniqueness and unlimited potential of every child. We are a proponent of providing education in an inclusive and nurturing environment, where all children have full access to Cedar’s programmes and facilities. Our belief extends to those who are or may be identified as having special education needs.

It is, in fact, even more important that such individuals are given the opportunity to be included in general learning environment for academic and socialization needs. The use of music therapy in both school and non-school settings to help promote cognitive, communication, motor and social skills in students with special education needs is recognized worldwide. Studies have shown that the use of music therapy promotes numerous non-academic benefits that enhance the overall well-being of children (e.g. stress and anxiety reduction, emotional regulation, improvement in communication, concentration and on-task behavior, etc.).

Our music therapy offerings are based on a child-led approach and specially developed by credentialed music therapists. We encourage children to engage in self-exploration and discovery through interactive music making, which also achieves therapeutic goals. Through careful observation on each child’s emotions and behaviors during the session, we customize a fun, engaging programme that facilitates holistic growth and emotional well-being through music-based activities (e.g. creating, singing, moving and listening to music).

Founders of Cedar
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