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Violin / Viola*

  • Format: Private and small group (3-4 children per class) format

  • Medium of Instruction: Classes can be taught in English or Chinese

  • Enrolment: 12 lessons per enrolment term

  • Instrumental rental available for children who do not possess their own instrument.  Please contact Cedar Academy in advance for such arrangements


*    Recommended starting age for the viola programme is 5+. Cedar encourages those who are interested in learning the viola to first learn the violin.




Equivalent to ABRSM Grade 1-2

1 Private / Small Group Technique Class + 1 Keyboard & Musicianship Class Per Week

(30 / 45 / 60 mins class available)


Equivalent to ABRSM Grade 3-4

1 Individual Class + 1 Elementary Musicianship Class Per Week

(60 mins class available)


Equivalent to ABRSM Grade 5-7

1 Individual Class + 1 Intermediate Musicianship Class Per Week

Chamber / Orchestra Exposure + Performance Opportunity Per Term

(60 mins class available)

Advanced / Performance

Equivalent to ABRSM Grade 8/Diploma

1 Individual Class + 1 Advanced Musicianship & Supervised Practice Per Week

Chamber / Orchestra Exposure + Performance / Masterclass Per Term

(60 mins class available)

Please contact Cedar Academy - Cedar Institute for Performing Arts directly for availability and schedule.

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