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Cedar Music Immersion Programme



Recommended Age: ~ 15 - 36 months old​

Format: Small Group 

Available at Cedar Campus

Lunch time classes for working parents available.

Please contact Cedar for schedule and availability.



Your little ones of this age group are always full of energy, curious and they learn like a sponge! 


  • This Cedar Music Immersion Programme aims to enhance your child's cognitive, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development, while encouraging parent(s)-child bonding.

  • During this programme, your child will be introduced to a variety of classical music, through which they will gain their very first taste of the seven elements of music, i.e. melody, pitch and harmony, dynamics, rhythm and tempo, expression, timbre and tone, texture and articulation. 

  • Age-appropriate music-based activities will help your child develop body control and coordination, emotion expression, listening and memory, imitation ability, as well as confidence.

  • As your child gradually transitions from solitary play,  onlooker play to parallel play, he / she will also gain social awareness through our group activities. 

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