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20 April 2019 | Sat 
14:30 – 16:00 | 90 mins

HK$500 per workshop / HK$1,900 for entire series 


It’s the Easter holidays!  It’s time to loosen up!  Come join Acoufunkture for an exciting mix of arrangements with popular songs. 

This high energy, fun and engaging workshop will focus on musicality, rhythm and creative movement.

At this workshop, your child will get to dance to the beat, improve their motor coordination, explore creative movements and discover their style!

Your child will get to try their hand at improvisation and check out a large array of of musical instruments. You may be amazed to discover how good your child is at improvisation! Improvisation is not just for jazz musicians – it’s for anyone who has the confidence to make use of the tools and skills they have! All it takes is to listen and to engage with one another.


  • Recommended age: 3 – 10 years old

  • Workshop fee includes participation of one parent (optional) and one child

  • Workshop will be conducted in English

  • Please wear socks and comfortable clothes


Acoufunkture (on the portmanteau of acoustic and funk and a play on the traditional Chinese medical practice of acupuncture) brings together a wide variety of musicians from diverse backgrounds of all walks of life – a banker, a film producer, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a scientist, a doctor and a holistic healer – providing that anyone can make good music and have lots of fun in doing so.

Acoufunkture plays a wide range of music - from flamenco, jazz, Indian, classical to pop and rock music.

Acoufunkture takes familiar songs and concepts and shakes them up to come up with new flavours. Their unique brand of musicality has led them to perform at a wide range of festivals and events, delighting their audience with a huge range of repertoire ranging from pop and soul covers to instrumental latin and dixie jazz.

Recently, Acoufunkture has released two albums of original music, entitled “Funktuality” and “Momentum”.

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